Jake Holwegner


Jake Holwegner

Jacob Holwegner began his journey as a musician at age 12. After leaving North Dakota for South Carolina, Jake attended the College of Charleston jazz program, studying from and performing with world class musicians. He later traveled to Cuba to immerse himself in Cuban music.

Jake’s musical flexibility and curiosity allows him to play diverse genres ranging from classic jazz to salsa, gypsy swing to Bulgarian galduka, bluegrass to rock n’ roll.

He has collaborated with performers such as Quentin Baxter, Taras Koval, Joe Beck, Tommy Gill, Fernando Rivas (Grammy Winner), John Ellis, Frank Duvall, Stephan Rambault (acclaimed French Gypsy Swing artist), Gino Castillo and Angel Gadev. Jake’s jazz ensembles include the Quentin Baxter Trio, Rudy Waltz Jazz Ensemble, Havanason and Caravan.

He has appeared on numerous studio recordings and released “A Night in Samos” with the band Caravan, featuring Kris Woodrum and Lee Barbour. Jake has performed all over the United States, in the Caribbean, Western Europe and Cuba. His art festival appearances include the Piccolo Spoleto festival (SC) and Jazz Artists of Charleston (SC) events.

Working with you guys was such a pleasure and the band added the fun upbeat atmosphere to our reception beyond what we could ever have imagined.  Amazing!!   We can’t thank you enough!